Award-winning kitchens: Well thought-out designs that make sense. Masterful workmanship with attention to every detail. Outstanding collaboration producing unmatched ease of doing business. Valued expertise and personalized customer service.

Kitchen design and millwork at Pacific Rim Cabinets has vigour, creativity, beauty and soul. Beyond the basic essentials, Pacific Rim manufactures products that are memorable and innovative, representing your personal tastes, history and style.

We believe that extraordinary design combined with exceptional workmanship feels as though it were simply meant to be – an enlightened expression of you, your environment and all the spaces of life in between.

bill-squareAt Pacific Rim Cabinets it is our aim to provide our customers with high quality cabinetry that offers outstanding value and personalized customer service. It is our belief that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We listen and truly care to help you with your kitchen plans, hopes and dreams.

Kitchens have been my life, my passion, for over 40 years. It started on the shop floor, growing the business from the ground up, perfecting the craft and then establishing a corporate model and pioneering a flexible manufacturing system. With high level of workmanship and strong business values the company evolved and new markets emerged both domestically and overseas. Our success has been a testament to the quality of our product and the relationships that we have created with our customers and suppliers over the years.

I have constructed new factories and seen trends come and go, but the one constant has been you, our customers that I have enjoyed the most. It is a privilege to manufacture kitchens for you and your family.

Bill Dewinetz, President

Pacific Rim Cabinets is a medium sized cabinet manufacturing company located just outside Vancouver British Columbia and was established in 1997.

Our history is a story with a rich tradition of building cabinets on the west coast of Canada and the progression of cabinetry in local, North American and international markets over time.

Our products have been recognized as sustainable, formaldehyde free for a healthy home and culturally relevant in design. Collectively our staff has experience in single family, multi family dwellings, high rise residential, schools and community centres, professional office millwork, hospitals and senior citizen communities as well as LEED and FSC capability. Our work has won awards, been published and been televised. Most recently we won a Georgie Award for best kitchen renovation.

Canada has a strong forest products sector rich in resources and history. Canada is known to be a global leader in sustainability and has the most certified forests in the world. Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials to manufacture and build with.

British Columbia and Canada have advanced environmental laws and regulations with one of the best records on forest management. Due to being in the forefront of sustainable forest practices, Canada is well positioned in addressing growing concerns to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

When you buy “Made in Canada”, you will be buying with assurance that the forest products come from sustainabily managed forests with an industry, both primary and value added, committed to reducing its carbon footprint.


Like our name depicts, the Pacific Rim refers to the countries that are located around the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The region has great diversity – cultural, economic, topographical and culinary.

Pacific Rim Cabinets reflects this diversity, variety, fusion and curiousity. Our company has international roots through business dealings with Pacific Rim markets.


Canada has always been an export orientated country. Vancouver is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific and Japan was the country for our first outreach in international business contrary to conventional business flow to the United States.

We currently export to Japan over one third of our production. Japan is a country with unique requirements for export, including specific dimensions and sizes in metric and strict formaldehyde emission control, not to mention specific import regulations, transport logistics and lead time challenges.

These standards in doing business have set the bar high for Pacific Rim and have taught us how to succeed in foreign markets effectively and competitively. Japan has made an impact on our organization and we are thankful for our partners there.


We support local business development and maintain a good standing within the association and a stellar reputation among other members we’ve worked with.


We are proud members of the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association and we are pleased to represent the values and quality standards they set. Visit their website for more information.