Our Factory

Our Commitment to Quality

As craftspeople, we are delighted each day to transform so many different materials into unique custom products just for you.

We are also manufacturers who understand the importance of keeping up with market trends, new machinery and technology, and especially environmental concerns. With all of that we still believe that maintaining solid ‘by-hand’ woodworking and millwork traditions provides the finest quality, and best therefor value for your investment.


Based out of UBC, the Woodmark Quality System is a set of total quality principles and practices created by the Wood Products Quality Council to help wood products manufacturers deliver high value to their customers.


WorkSafeBC is dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety for the workers and employers of this province, and is the organization responsible for Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

See How We Build Cabinets

Our Approach to Building Cabinets

It All Starts With Your Idea

You have a general sense or idea about your new kitchen and what it may look like. You spend countless hours thinking about it and where ever you may find your inspiration it is special, unique and pure. Our kitchen specialists help expand your ideas and provide encouragement. Then they will guide you with effective communication to find the vision needed to let you orchestrate the ideas. A plan is then formulated and executed with operational excellence. We are here to serve you.

Design Process

Kitchen planning and design is underrated. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming, to say the least. Let us help you in this process and give you the ideas, suggestions and comfort knowing that you will be truly looked after. Our kitchen designers are trained specialists with knowledge of installation and dynamic space utilization to best suit you. They are also in tune with design trends, technical innovations and new types of materials. Most importantly however, they are experts in listening and understanding in order to help you make the decisions that are best for you, your kitchen project, and how it interconnects with your living space.


Once our specialists have a good sense of your vision and have asked many questions related to wood species, door styles, colours, box construction, kitchen ergonomics, features and many more, they will then ask about your space and any relevant construction and building issues. Plumbing questions come up and electrical, not to mention windows, light and ceiling heights. The demensions of the room are measured and then, all things considered, we begin to design. It is here where the metamorphosis occurs and your kitchen comes to life. We use the latest CAD technology and spend many hours drafting, calculating and balancing. After this process we provide you early elevations for your kitchen – side, top and front view. When you like what you see we can start getting more serious and create renderings in 3D.


The modern kitchen has many accessories to choose from. Depending on your budget, all kinds of space savers and storage solutions are available. If you want to spruce up your kitchen with visual accessories there are carvings, many types of crown profiles, hood fan constructions and more. It’s a team effort and we can provide you with our professional opinion.

How We Build

Our installers can tell you that we build the best box in the business. The inside of cabinetry is very important for a good installation. We use the best composite and plywood materials possible with standards above industry standards. Calibrations are consistent and with very tight tolerances. What is important is that the job goes smoothly, the installer can do the best work possible and the kitchen looks fabulous. You may notice beyond the surface, as many of our customers have commented: a Pacific Rim kitchen is well built.