Project Details Uploader

This form is for Pacific Rim Cabinets staff to upload details of projects to be prepared for the portfolio.

  • Use the agreed-upon naming system. Do not include client names or home addresses.
  • Please write a few sentences describing the project (the more the better.) Include details about the space, the requirements of the project, any unique features or special conditions, the type of job and how it was performed, and a description of the results. Use lots of adjectives and imagine a potential customer reading it and considering their own home. Err on the side of over-describing - it's good for SEO!
  • Add photos here. Please ensure all pictures are:
    - Large enough (at least 1000px wide),
    - Sorted (no blurry or bad shots) and
    - Properly named with project name, description, number. (e.g. "Yaletown Penthouse - kitchen cupboards - 2.jpg")
    サポートしているファイルタイプ: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, mov, mpeg4, 最大ファイルサイズ:50 MB, 最大ファイル: 20.